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Top 10 Essential Medical Equipment Every Hospital Should Have in Nigeria

Top 10 Essential Medical Equipment Every Hospital Should Have in Nigeria

Recently, a medical doctor died of heart-related issues in a Federal Medical Center in Nigeria because they don’t have a defibrillator.

This loss could have been prevented. 

If a doctor can lose his life in a Federal Medical center, then what is the plight of the patients?

In many parts of the world, there are hospitals running on minimal medical supplies.

Their medical professionals work as optimistic as they can to supply the very best care readily available, but frequently, it is inadequate.

Hospitals need to be ready for anything that may come through the doors.

That's why keeping key pieces of medical equipment on-hand at all times is so essential to offer complete care.

In order to supply the extensive treatment for clients, there is a basic set of devices and equipment that all medical facilities should have ready. 

This is a list of essential medical equipment that can frequently be reconditioned as well as brand-new, permitting medical facilities to manage their patients;

1. Hospital Stretchers

Carrying patients is very essential when handling emergencies.

This tool is an absolute essential for health centers to keep on hand as clients pass through their care.

2. Defibrillators

Frequently utilized in life-threatening circumstances such as heart arrhythmia or tachycardia, defibrillators bring back regular rhythm to the heart.

They are necessary tools that a medical facility always needs backups for.

3. Anesthesia Machines

Anesthesia devices are created to supply a precise and continuous supply of medical gases to maintain a correct level of anesthesia to a patient.

Modern anesthesia makers consist of added tools such as a ventilator, suction unit, and patient-monitoring gadgets.

4. Client Monitors

Patient screens are basic pieces of medical equipment that keep accurate track of a client's condition and state of health during and after surgery.

They are needed for adults, pediatric & neonatal patients.

5. Sterilizers

Health center sterilizers kill all kinds of microbial life consisting of fungi, germs, infections, spores, and all other entities present on surgical tools and other medical products.

An autoclave disinfects equipment and supplies utilizing high-pressure saturated steam for a short amount of time.

6. EKG/ECG Machines

Electrocardiogram (EKG) records the electrical activity of the heart over an amount of time and enables health care providers to keep track of the general rhythm of the heart and recognizes any irregularities.

7. Surgical Tables

Surgical tables are necessities for a medical facility.

For patient preparation, surgeries and healing, these pieces of equipment are essential.

8. Blanket and Fluid Warmers

Body temperature levels that are not kept throughout surgical treatment can cause post-surgical problems such as perioperative hypothermia, extended hospitalization and recovery, and an increase in the danger of infection.

That's why blanket warmers and fluid warmers are so important for healthcare facilities to have.

9. Electrosurgical Units

An electrosurgical unit is used in surgical treatment to cut, coagulate, or otherwise modify tissue, frequently to restrict the quantity of blood circulation to an area and increase visibility during surgery.

This device is vital to cauterizing and minimizing blood loss during surgery.

10. Surgical Lights

Surgical lights are an obligatory part of any surgical setting to help surgeons work under sufficient lighting conditions.

Defibrillators, client screens, surgical tables, EKGs, anesthesia devices, sterilizers, lights, ultrasounds, and electrosurgical systems, blanket/fluid warmers are all needed pieces of hospital devices. 

Keeping these on hand is critical to the functional success of a hospital and the healthcare delivered within it.

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