About Us

Medical equipment suppliers in Nigeria

Digi Clinicaid Limited is the foremost online medical equipment suppliers in Nigeria boasting a wide range of products from the most trusted clinical equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Clinicaid.com.ng is an ecommerce website that is owned and managed by Digi Clinicaid Limited, a company that is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Nigeria.

Our aims at Digi Clinicaid Limited is to outsource the supply and services of medical equipment, medical devices, instruments and consumables in the public and private health sectors in Nigeria to international manufacturers with global reputation.

We understand the logistic challenges of conducting business in the largest economy in Africa that you are faced with.

Therefore, we recognize the unique opportunity to list your products on our ecommerce site, clinicaid.com.ng so as to further strengthen your authority in Nigeria.

We believe that the Nigerian market is in its growth stage and that we are uniquely positioned to successfully help you tap into her wealth.

Clinicaid.com.ng is an online platform that connects our clients to the manufacturers of instruments, equipment and materials used both in the practice of general medicine and dentistry.

Our e-commerce platform (www.clinicaid.com.ng) has evolved over time to meet the needs of many medical and dental establishments in all regions of Nigeria.

We have achieved this by connecting our clients nationwide to the products they require from the best manufacturers and suppliers of the instruments, equipment and materials all at a simple click of the mouse.

Clinicaid will help you — if you are a healthcare practitioner in both the public and private health sector — to procure medical supplies and equipment¬†easily at reasonable and competitive prices.

Our team is actually made up of medical doctors and individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in the medical environment who work and stand by their oath to facilitate the saving of lives and the physical and mental advancement of our clients and their patients.

This is the philosophical origin of Clinicaid.com.ng, so with us you are assured of the best for your patients.

Most importantly, with clinicaid.com.ng you have that guarantee that the products and materials you see on our platform have been vetted by professionals and are generally of good and impeccable quality from reputable manufacturers worldwide.

We have partnered with these manufacturers and suppliers to make procurement of these medical and dental products accessible while offering prompt logistical and delivery services directly to where they are needed the most.

Regular update of our websites also reflect the dynamic nature of medical practice and shows our commitment to advancement and offering our clients the best chances to improve the lives of their patients.