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Need help? 0815 576 8704 // 0706 699 1647
Need help? 0815 576 8704 // 0706 699 1647

Digi Clinic Aid Ltd is a company that is poised to meet the needs of many hospitals and clinics in Nigeria. This will be achieved by making available the required medical equipment and supplies for these establishments.

Our goals and vision at Digi Clinic Aid is to outsource the supply and service of medical equipment, instruments and consumables in the public and private health sectors in Nigeria to international manufacturers of medical equipment.

To achieve this, we’ve created an online platform, an ecommerce site to connect our clients to the manufacturers of instruments, equipment and materials used both in the practice of general medicine and dentistry. This online store is simple enough for everyone to use and it is an online destination for all kinds of both medical and dental tools procurements and categorization.

By doing this, we are bridging the gap between manufacturers, suppliers and the consumers of medical equipment and supplies. Different manufacturers and suppliers can market and trade their products directly to health practioners who have the choice to choose from varieties of quality medical products that will improve their service delivery and procurement bureaucracy.

At Digi Clinic Aid Ltd, we also provide general information to the public on the different facilities available in hospitals and clinics in different regions and zones in Nigeria. This will help old and new patients to know the kind of services that can be rendered in these hospitals.

It is important to add that all the hospitals and the clinics on our platform are registered and duly accredited by the Department of Medical services, Federal Ministry of Health and the State Ministry of Health.

Once again, welcome to Digi Clinic Aid Ltd

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